FJC Security On The Benefits of Combining Private Security and Security Technology

The Benefits of Combining Private Security and Security Technology: Together the Best Way to Protect Your Business Today’s world makes it more challenging than ever to secure and safeguard ones workplace. With an ever changing and more sophisticated world for all types of businesses, the best way to protect and enhance security is to integrate [...]

Judge’s Decision Clears Way for Class Action Suit Against Google

A Federal judge in Manhattan recently granted class-action status to authors suing Google, a popular and successful U.S.-based company that provides Internet-related products and services to countless users worldwide, related to the company’s book-scanning project. This decision allows the case, which has been stalled for years, to move forward. Last month, Google’s attorneys argued that [...]

Facebook is the Subject of a $15 Billion Class Action Suit for Privacy Violations

Combining 21 lawsuits from more than a dozen states, a class action lawsuit has been filed in California against social-networking giant Facebook. The class action suit seeks $15 billion in damages for alleged privacy violations tied to the tracking of its users. The case stems from accusations made last year that Facebook tracks user activity [...]

Nokia Slapped With Class Action Lawsuit

Nokia Corporation, a Finnish multinational communications company best known as a maker of mobile communications devices, is the subject of a new class action lawsuit alleging that the company recently made false and/or misleading statements to its investors. The class action suit, which was filed by the law firm of Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, [...]

Do You Know Your Rights

If you were arrested tomorrow, would you know your rights? Would your head be clear enough to exercise your rights? Criminal defense attorneys see it happen all too often – a person is arrested on any number of charges and, whether unintentionally, because of a lack of knowledge, or out of fear or coercion, they [...]

What Everyone Should Know About DUI

Many of us have done it. We attend a party, have a few drinks and make the determination that we are sober enough to drive home. What’s the big deal? Just one drink can be a big deal if you get pulled over by a police officer because, depending on the circumstances, just one drink [...]

How to Protect Yourself When Faced With an Arrest

All of us have gotten “common advice” from our peers about what to do when faced with criminal charges. Unfortunately, most legal advice does not apply to everyone in every unique situation. For example, how many times have you heard that it is not a good idea, under any circumstances, to blow into a breathalyzer [...]

Using Plea Bargains as Part of your Criminal Defense Strategy

A Plea bargain refers to an agreement made by your criminal defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney in your criminal case, whereby you plead guilty to the charges against you in exchange for a reduced sentence or fewer charges. Plea bargains can be beneficial particularly when there is a chance of a conviction and you [...]

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, the most important decision you will have to make is which criminal defense lawyer you will hire to help clear you of the charges. Use the following questions to make an informed decision and hire the best criminal defense law firm for your [...]

How Truth Plays a Role in a Criminal Defense Strategy

When charged with a crime, having a good defense strategy can make the difference between imprisonment and freedom, and the difference between high fines and community service. While defense strategies are unique to each individual case, your particular strategy will emerge as your criminal defense attorney uncovers information about the case, including the prosecution’s evidence [...]